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Kitchen Stories | 2020

Thanks to the professionalism of our teams, whether designers, advisers or operators, our name has become synonymous with innovative, made-to-measure and fully personalised solutions. Whatever your home interior. And always designed with millimetre precision.


Bedroom Stories | 2020

To put a different spin on a popular saying, “Tell me what your dressing room’s like and I’ll tell you who you are!” Here at Schmidt, we have taken this saying to heart. We will not ask you to choose from a collection of units, but instead we will design a dressing room to suit your very own lifestyle needs. Made to measure. Personalised. Ideal.


Private Stories | 2020

“We didn’t want a bathroom, but a real living space that was beautiful, pure, simple and stylish all at the same time. A place that was more than just functional and featuring our own individual touches. A room that we could enjoy rediscovering every morning and love returning to every night.”